Thursday, September 23, 2010

Take another look...

Bronwyn woke to the gentle hand of Mavis on her back.
“Seems you did your sleeping on the porch last night,” she said cheerfully. “I’ve done that a time or two myself. There’s nothing like the night air to hypnotize and put you in a deep sleep. The only side effect is the mountain air. It does bring on some pretty strange dreams, and might I say you were definitely having one. You woke me up last night with your hollering and carrying on.”
Mavis poured a tall mug of steaming coffee and handed it to Bronwyn. “This should clear up the haziness I suspect is clouding your mind right now.”
Bronwyn sat up, confused by her surroundings. She looked over the property. The sun was just making its way over the mountains, striking ground glistening with the morning dew. The pungent aromas from the gardens stimulated her nostrils as they wafted in the morning breeze. She reached for the coffee, and sipped the strong liquid, nearly choking at the bitterness of it.
“I woke you during the night?” She asked.
“Sure did. My window is directly above this side of the porch. I heard you scream. Sounded like you were scared out of your wits. I ran out here and found you havin’ a fitful sleep on the swing.”
Bronwyn took another small slip of the awful coffee. She vaguely remembered leaving her room last night. Could she have been sleep walking? She hadn’t sleep walked since she was a child. As the steam from the coffee filled her nostrils, the events gradually made their way back into her head. The memory of the intense argument began to emerge, and within seconds all the images raced back into her mind…the apparition…Falcon…the blond man…the murder…and then Travis under the tree…The kiss!
Bronwyn involuntarily raised her hands to her lips before she noticed that Mavis was watching her intently. She lowered her hand quickly.
“Must have been some kind of dream.” A sly smile pulled at the corner of Mavis’ lips.
Mavis gave Bronwyn a suspicious look. She could sense the distrust. She wondered if it stemmed from Mavis’ wariness of herself and Travis. Maybe Mavis could sense a mutual attraction as well.
“You want to tell me about it?”
Bronwyn‘s heart picked up its pace. “Tell you about what?”