Thursday, September 16, 2010

another request for a Full today :) So I'm giving you another peek!

The early morning breeze gently pushed the linen curtains away from the window, allowing the warm sun rays their grand entrance. Bethany and Lillian were unmoved, sleeping in after returning from the night hike around two in the morning. However, Bronwyn had woken off and on all night, anxiousness growing inside her. Why did she feel so agitated? Was she forgetting something? She lay in bed, staring at the spinning ceiling fan, trying to decipher the feeling inside. She dozed off and on. Ryan usually occupied her dreams, but now, Travis was the one she dreamt of. When she finally awoke for good, Bronwyn felt somewhat guilty about her night-time fantasies. She quietly climbed from the bed as a rooster crowed, then dressed and headed outside for an early morning jog. She ran in the soft dewy grass along side the river bed, clicking off the miles. The brisk morning air filled her lungs with the perfume of mother earth. Bronwyn did her best thinking early in the morning, when no one was around to distract her. She tried to concentrate and plan the re–writing of the dreaded scene. However, thoughts of Travis and the waterfall continued to invade her head.
Upon returning to the inn, Bronwyn smelled the delicious aromas of breakfast. She decided against the heaviness of country waffles, eggs and biscuits, choosing instead a glass of juice and a small bowl of fresh fruit. She ate alone on the porch. Afterwards, Bronwyn returned to her room showered, dressed, and hurried back outside with her computer, as a groggy Bethany and Lillian raised their waking heads.
“Hey, where are you going?” Bethany asked.
Lillian noticed Bronwyn’s wet hair. “How long have you been up?”
“Woke with the rooster. I couldn’t sleep.”
“So, what’s going on with you and Travis?” Lillian asked as she stretched and yawned.
Bethany gave a sarcastic laugh. “Don’t act so surprised, Bronwyn. It’s so obvious”
“What is so obvious?”
Bethany and Lillian exchanged knowing glances, then Bethany said,
“The obvious attraction between you two.”
“I am not attracted to him.” Bronwyn lied.
“Maybe not, but he definitely is to you.”
“Sh-sh!” Bronwyn closed the door. She poised herself on the edge of the bed.
“Why do you say that?”
“Because, he kept his eye on you all night last night.” Lillian’s tired voice came alive with excitement. “And he followed you when you took off rock climbing.”
“You two sure were gone a long time.” Bethany added sourly. “Just what was going on?”
“Nothing. I didn’t know he had followed me. I thought I was alone until I reached the top. Then he showed up.”
Bronwyn paused, knowing she should not attempt to try and explain what had actually happened on top of the falls. How could she possibly explain such a supernatural moment? They would never understand. Besides, even Bronwyn herself was beginning to wonder if she hadn’t made more of it than what really transpired. She found herself believing more and more that Travis had probably been right and she had actually experienced some sort of altitude malady. She heard herself telling the girls Travis’s explanation of the story.
“Did he have to give you more mouth to mouth?” Lillian teased.
“No” Bronwyn said, trying not to smile. “You two are terrible.”
“You better watch yourself,” Bethany warned. “All kidding aside, I think he is attracted to you.”
“I think so too,” Lillian agreed.
“We’ve been alone twice now, and he’s certainly kept his distance. He’s been nothing but a gentleman.”
“Give him time, Bronwyn,” Bethany said. “He’ll find the opportunity. Then what will you do?”
Bronwyn stood and smiled coyly. “I’ll do nothing. He is a married man, and as beautiful and mysterious as he may be, if he would cheat on his poor crippled wife, then I would not want him. That would take all the beauty of him away and place him in the same good-for-nothing, cheating scoundrel category as Ryan and a hoard of other common men.”
“Hear hear!” Bethany gave Bronwyn a high-five.
“I’m off to write,” Bronwyn said. “Wish me luck. I’ll catch up with you guys later.”