Monday, January 31, 2011

The Haret

How can her pregnancy test be positive when she is still a virgin?
Four home pregnancy test do not lie so when Felicitas Rebold founder of her high schools Purity Club finds out she is pregnant her mind returns to one haunting event. Yet is it possible to get pregnant in a dream?
Felicitas is very strict on her decision to wait until she is married. She even started a group at her school on remaining pure. She wears a purity ring and despite her beauty, popularity and handsome boyfriend she has never had sex.
The news of her pregnancy surfaces along with her cryptic Nocturnal Journal when she mysteriously disappears for a week. The journal cast an accusing finger on her and a secretive stranger.
A week later she is found confused and unaware as to where she has been.
No one believes her and she faces the wrath of an angry Detective Russell and her stern father, Reverend Melvin Rebold, the town’s most prominent Baptist minister.
When Detective Russell suggest her family send her to County Mental Health. She runs away to find her estranged grandmother Rosie who she has never known. Felicitas father has forbidden the family to have contact with Rosie because he believes her to be insane and is convinced she communes with the dead.
Her grandmother eagerly takes her in and hides from the authorities, her father and over zealous boyfriend who is hell bent on finding out who impregnated his girlfriend.
Once in the company of her grandmother Felicitas realizes Rosie is far from crazy and has answers to the secrets shrouding the missing week and how she could have possibly gotten pregnant in a dream.
With her grandmothers help and the aid of a mysterious man she traces her roots back ten generations and makes a startling discovery that someone very close to her is not who they seem.

Excerpt coming soon!